Jegykiállítási díj/Jegyvisszatérítési díj

Booking fees vary depending on: - point of sale (online, Air France ticket office, etc.) - the booking fee is non-refundable - must be paid / flight tickets


Online booking Booking made by phone Booking made at an Air France airport counter
Credit card* 1 500 Ft6 000 Ft12 000 Ft
Ticket purchased on a third-party site or travel agency 1 500 Ft6 000 Ft12 000 Ft
Bank deposit 1 500 Ft6 000 Ft12 000 Ft

Ticket change can be done on the homepage free of charge, via call center (phone: (+36 1) 429 2244) the fee of the ticket change is 4 700 HUF. *REFUND FEE The administration cost of the refund process is 6 300 HUF/ ticket, it is flat fare regardless of the price of the ticket and it is non-refundable.